Don’t compare

Sitting here watching the Olympic Gymnastics I find myself comparing my fitness levels to theirs and wishing I could do the things they can do – their wide arm handstands are ridiculously good.

Realistically this is such a stupid thing to do as these elite athletes commit their lives to doing their sport and achieving their best possible levels. They train specifically to be successful in their sports and they deserve our respect and recognition for what they do. But they should not be used for comparisons with our own levels.

However, it got me thinking about how often I find myself making comparisons with other people or how often discussions lead towards making similar comparisons. In the gym I always see people doing exercises and I find myself frustrated that I would not be able to do – especially with the weights being used by others. But it is important that I do not compare with others and I know this. So why do I still do it!

press ups as part of running trainingI am, and will always be at a different point in my journey to other people and we all have different goals that we want to achieve and we must all remember this. Letting it demotivate us is not a good thing to do and we should instead admire and appreciate the efforts that other people have put into their training to get to that point.

Going forwards I will watch other people train, continue to read about other peoples training, admire the efforts of others and give my respect where it is due, but I will not compare myself to others in a way that could potentially demotivate me. I will use it to make me more determined and willing to work harder


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