Recent training

I really want to blog more so that I can share my progress with others looking to improve but also to record what I actually do. This would hopefully allow me to look back and learn from mistakes or what goes well.

However, recently my training has not carried on progressing as I had hoped. I attended my second Monday night run group last week which was really good. It was 8 sets of 500m and it was paced quite well and my legs got a nice run out. After this though my week got taken over with work as I had a lot of marking to do and lessons to plan. This meant my evenings were spent just eating dinner and going to bed. I hate this because I don’t want to do that, I want to go home and exercise and keep up my training. If I don’t run I find my body aches in a different kind of way. A really uncomfortable way. So by the end of the week I was feeling awkward.

On Saturday morning I went out to do a good warm up which I’m doing in every gym visit to get my hips stronger and more flexible and try to run for 30 minutes. This didn’t happen. I felt really stiff and running was not smooth. My knee was twingey but I feel that may have been psychological. Decided to knock it on the head and return home.

I then missed my track session Monday because a friend had come back to Bristol so we went out for dinner. Went to the gym Tuesday and had a good flexibility workout which loosened everything slightly. Tried running on the treadmill but the stiffness was still there. I think by doing more lighter jogging it might mean I can keep doing more. But who knows. 

I have made a decision that I will now work extra hard to get yoga into my workout with my aim to do it 3 times a week. I started tonight and found that I am so inflexible. I found one online that was focused on hips and hamstrings which was much needed. Alongside my strengthening I think this will be important and I want to see how long I can keep this going. To fit it in I think it will have to be a late night thing, maybe after dinner so that I can fit in some other workout before hand.

Anyone got tips to fit yoga in or which yoga to do? What about Pilates?


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