Work/Run balance

This past couple of weeks I have found it really hard to find an ideal work/run balance that allows me to get all the teaching work done and still have time and motivation to train.

In the past I have been able to generally leave work at school and not take too much home but recently this seems to have stopped being the case. I have come home and done a couple of runs but when I have done them, I just feel lethargic and the runs are not the best.I can feel myself losing fitness through the lack of motivation and this is something I really need to stomp out.

I have seen advice on how to squeeze sessions in such as doing runs before work, making use of lunchtimes for exercising and doing more interval sessions so that time is maximised and you do not have to work out for as long. However, even some of these are no good such as doing lunchtime exercise. My lunchtime is spent marking books so the only thing exercised is my writing hand.

I have just started my half term with an hour jog this morning and I am hoping to use this as a boost for my training and a chance to start a fresh. I can’t help but feel that I am using my knee issue and worries about injuries as an excuse and this is something only I can do something about. Hopefully a visit to the physio in the next week or so will give me some fresh focus and purpose to my training which has felt slightly lost recently as I do the odd jog to keep me ticking over.

Due to afterschool commitments such as parents evening among other things, I have also not been along to my running groups track sessions which was a nice weekly focus. After what I hope will be a refreshing week of jogging, I hope to make my return to the track very soon. Also, I want to get some marathons booked up so that I can get some focus to my training and this will only help me get out and find time to do more training.

Going forwards, I plan to schedule one night each week for an extended session. To do this I will be looking at the diary for the week ahead. I am going to try and do at least one morning session each week before work to remove stress after school. I am also going to try and do some interval styled training one night a week. Hopefully, this alongside what the physio says will get me back on track.

How do you manage you work/run balance? Any tips to share?


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