Pomprey Hill Parkrun 

Made another Parkrun debut today with a visit to Pomprey Hill Parkrun in South Gloucestershire, which will soon become my closest Parkrun.

It is only a few weeks until me and Dani move into our first house and we will be moving from living very close to Little Stoke Parkrun to being very near Pomprey Hill. So I wanted to go and check it out before I moved and managed to drag Dani along with me – which I really did not expect to happen.

Before heading down I had a read of the Parkrun page and their Facebook group to get a feel for the course. They recorded a couple of hundred runners recently which was good and showed people like it! The weather was overcast with some moisture in the air which I think is perfect running weather.

As we arrived there was a decent amount of parking and the pavilion looked really cool. They opened it up for everyone to buy teas and bacon rolls! The smell of the bacon rolls was a nice motivator when you ran past it three times but also quite demotovating because it would be so easy to stop and get one.

The course was 3 laps and a bit, which went over paths, wood chippings, grass and some mud and on the route there was the famous ‘Pomprey hill’. The hill was muddy but because there had been a lack of rain it meant it was fine to plod up, if a little narrow! Getting to the top the second and third time, I really felt the effects and had to keep moving at a slower rate to get some breath back. Soon after this there was a short downhill section before a steady rise to the finish line.

I really enjoyed seeing so many people out there doing the parkruns. As I always say, it is a real highlight of these events that they attract all sorts of runners. There were even quite a few youngsters!

At the end I didn’t stay around for a bacon roll but it looked like many were and when I return I will be sure to bring some money to buy one.

Today wasn’t a new PB for me, but managed to push myself round to get 22.07. I’m pretty pleased with that, especially after looking at my watch data. It was a consistent yet rewarding run.

Overall a slightly challenging course with a few ups and downs but there is plenty of scenery to enjoy and positive spectators and marshals to keep encouraging runners all the way round. Visit http://www.parkrun.org.uk/pomphreyhill/ for more information.


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