Month: February 2017

Marathon talk podcast

I have been listening to the Marathon Talk podcast on every run since before the start of this year and I am loving it. 

Every podcast raises a variety of different running topics along with discussions with a host of guests who have a running story to tell. Their training talk session has been really interesting as it has offered insight into aspects of training that I have not previously considered. 

One episode I really enjoyed was a discussion around why we run and how important it is to know why you run. This comes through setting goals but also knowing why you go out and do every individual training session. 

They also have a special segment by Tony Auldenshaw, Bob off of emmerdale, who offers his take on his training in the humerus Tony’s trials. 

It is hosted by Martin Yelling and Tom Williams who have been doing it for 7 years now. This means that their whole back catalogue is available. 

Check it out and let them entertain you in your long run! 


Training progress

I am now 4 weeks into my marathon training plan and things are going well. 

The plan I am using is the 80/20 running method by Matt Fitzgerald which has a focus on the intensity balance between the runs and doing more slower runs. As part of this it has had me running every day apart from the rare rest day. 

The consistency of getting and running nearly all the planned sessions and doing something every day has been really good for me. It has made it harder to skip a run and I have enjoyed them on the whole. 

The plan is split into foundation stage, peak phase and taper phase. I’m in the foundation phase for few more weeks now. The three main session during the week are a fast finish session, hill interval session and the long run session. 

The hill sessions are by far the hardest but I have never really included these in a plan properly before so I am keen to dig in and get through these sessions as best I can. May be easier to do these with other people but I just do them on my own. The fast finish sessions are nice because I get to open the legs up and go at a fast manageable pace. Was up to 15 minutes at that intensity this week which was good. Feels like it would be my 5 k pace and having not done a parkrun for a while I have the memory of that feeling after my last PB to go by. The long runs are good as the go up for 2 weeks then decreases for a week. Went out and did 14 miles today which was a good comfortable run. 

My old knee niggle is beginning to hover every now and then but I am trying to do more IT band specific exercises every other day to keep that area strong. Plan to visit a physio again soon to get ahead before I go into the peak phase. Me and the foam roller are spending a lot of time together.