Month: April 2017

Taper terrors

So my training had been going really consistently for most of my plan and just as I began to approach my taper my foot decides to give me pain. A diagnosis of plantar fasciatis meant that I had to lay off running heavily. I gave it a few days rest, stretching and rolling over a hockey ball. To say I was confident I would race after being diagnosed was be a lie. I was really nervous. 

After a few days rest I gave it a slow tester run, like you do, and it felt okay but it was really slow. The program of rest and rolling continued and I added in some cycles to keep me ticking over. 

This issue meant I missed my last long run. I know it may not have made much difference but I was really knocked by it. Especially as I had missed a few other sessions and my mileage had decreased gradually for a while. I can now look back and realise I should focus on what I have done more than what I haven’t. 

After a few massage sessions, it soon eased up and I was prepared to give it a go come race day. There was still some discomfort in the build from just walking around but it seems that what I was doing must have helped. I also had it taped up by physio but it didn’t seem to like my sweaty feet so soon came off. Because I didn’t want to risk it annoying me race day I made an early decision to just tape my Achilles rather than my sole. 

If you get a pain in the foot do go and see someone for a massage as it helps. Also, to prevent it try and add some self massage into your week with a hockey or tennis ball. I certainly will be from now on. 

Have you suffered some taper terrors? What have you done to get through?