Autumn marathon – week two and three

I am putting these together because they were both disasters! After my week one long run I felt exhausted in the afternoon and a bit like I was coming down with some sort of cold. It gradually got worse into the evening – one of those where you out layers on before your girlfriend forces you to take them off because you are actually on fire! I had an inset day on the Monday which I knew I could get through, otherwise I would have had a sick day! This carried on for a few days and meant I didn’t get a proper run in. 

At the end of week 2 I was feeling better and I knew this part of the week would already be disrupted because I would be flying on Friday night to Portugal, for my brother’s wedding. So I took my running stuff with the ambition to run my way around this holiday destination. We eventually arrived at the hotel just after midnight and caught up with my dad before some sleep. I didn’t account for how tired I would feel so decided to sleep in and not run so I would be on top form at the wedding. 

Due to being on top form at the wedding and having a lovely time, I had a few too many drinks and we stayed out later than expected. This led to me having no desire to go for a run. This was also because the heat wave meant I would have to get up super early to do it. Motivation levels are not quite at that point yet. We enjoyed the last few hours at the hotel before leaving to catch our plane back. 

Arriving home and getting to bed at 3 am meant I spent the Monday at work absolutely shattered and trying to get through the day. I had no energy for running and this basically continued for most of the week as I had to get myself back to normal for work – not tiring myself even more by running. 

Come the end of week three I tried to get a few runs in and did a couple of runs on the Saturday and Sunday which went well and gave me a little kickstart for my training. 

I updated my training plan and refocused ready to hit week 4 with much better enthusiasm and application. 

From these two weeks I will take away:

That I need to be prepared to listen to my body. If I’m ill, I should not be running and rest will help me long term. 

If I am going somewhere hot for less than 48 hours and I have a big event in the middle, I am unlikely to prioritise a super early run. 

I need to do as much as I can to keep myself heathy!


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