Autumn marathon – week four

I’m back in the game! A much better week of training to see June out and welcome in the rest of my journey to the Autumn marathon. 

Having seen Strava promoting their magic mile event that had to be done by the end of June I decided to set aside my fast finish run on Tuesday as the run to make my attempt and I would do it at the end of a 30 minute zone 2 run (which seems to be about 8 minute miling). I have never just ran a flat out mile before.  The closest I came was when I was at college and we started the year with a 1.5 mile run which I think I did in about 12 minutes. I went into this hoping for around 6:15 but without really having a reason to justify that. I tried to find a section which was fairly flat and it was also very quiet so wouldn’t have to do much dodging. 

It was SOOO hard! I was on the edge and felt like my heart would pop out. I wanted to push to get a fair reflection and I think I paced it to the limit which I guess is where you need to be. Got myself 5:55 which was great as I broke 6 minutes. This would work out about 18:30-19 minute 5 k time. Great! Except there is now way I could have done three of this in a row! May try again at another point in my plan to track my progress. 

My hill session this week was scheduled for Friday which is just stupid. Who wants to run hills on a Friday. I will be moving them to Thursday from now on. This Friday my brother came to visit so we went out for dinner. A burger. A massive burger and it was delicious. It was early evening so thought I could sneak a run in before bed. But then they came over for tea so I resulted to normal Friday mode of being tired. I delayed it to Saturday. Not too bad doing that as I could chill out the rest of the day and be recovered for the Sunday long run. 

However, Danielle and I wanted to see the Lion’s match so had to go to the pub at 830 in the morning to do this. Once there we had a breakfast as I thought I would digest it by the time I ran when I returned home. I may have done but when I went to do the hill runs it was clear I should not have eaten it. I felt horrid. Hills are hard enough but today they were extra hard and it was my fault. I’m just glad I managed to get them done though. Also worked my glutes nicely as they were letting me know about it by bed time! 

Things I will take away this week are :

Do not eat a full English breakfast hours before doing a tough hill session. 

Do not schedule runs for set nights and commit because it is better to move them around other events in the week to make the plan work me. 

I can push myself hard for a mile and maybe a sub 20 minute 5k might be possible. 

Strava is such a cool community for running and cycling and I will share my thoughts more soon. 


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