Autumn marathon – week five

Following the progress I made with my training last week, I have been able to continue it this week with a solid run of sessions. I have had to be a bit more flexible about when to do my sessions due to other events happening in the week but it hasn’t felt like too much hassle. 

I had given the legs a run rest on Monday and just did the cycle commute which seems to work well for me. Never take it too easy as I have always got things to do at work so need to get there promptly- mostly to be at the head of the queue for the shower!

Tuesday was my fast finish session. I have been meaning to go to a running club but seem to keep bottling it. I was thinking of going Tuesday but got home slightly late so would have missed the start. Therefore I got on with my planned run. I went along a route I had been before, hoping that when I turned for the return leg, my ‘fast finish’ 12 minutes would be on a flatter bit of road. It started like this but I soon hit the hill I had earlier run down. It got very hard. So hard I stopped and almost decide to call it at 8 minutes. Then again at 10. Sometimes you just think it is too hard. But I managed to squeeze out the last 2 minutes. It wasn’t pretty but I got it done. 

Wednesday was my slower miles, getting 5 done at a decent ish pace on the way home up the hill. After last week’s run commute I was not expecting it to feel as comfortable as it did. It still was not easy but it was better. I didn’t feel feint during it – small victory. 

With my bike in work I drove in Thursday so I could go somewhere to do my hill session. After feeling awful doing it last Saturday and not wanting to do it on a Friday I scheduled it for Thursday. Driving over to the Clifton Downs, I found a hill that would be good enough. 

I’m never  sure how steep the hill should be but this one allowed me to get the session done consistently well. Maybe it was too easy but I needed to complete the session with the struggle from last week fresh in my mind. The reps were upped to 12 and I really focused on my striding and on trying to reach or go past my previous marker on each climb. Looking at the stats afterwards, I was quite pleased. 

Friday meant I had to run into school which I enjoy more than running home. The morning was warming up quickly so I was a sweaty mess when I arrived. 

Due to visiting friends Saturday night, wanting to buy Ed Sheeran tickets and not wanting to do it on Sunday, I did my long run Saturday morning. I kept my same alarm time as I have through the week which is slightly sad but it was worth it. By 9:15 I had done my 12 miles. It was a lovely morning and I took a different turn and found myself a new trail to run along. It was so nice to find somewhere new and it reminded me what I love about being able to do the long runs. 

I am writing this in my garden on Sunday lunch time and plan to have a small run later followed by some strength and core work. You may notice a lack of mention for this in my week but this is because I haven’t done any. I get back from a run and when they are nearly an hour I feel bad for then spending more time doing exercise. I have also felt quite tired and worry it might impact my running sessions. Excuses I know and I will get back to it this week. 

Things I will take away from this week are:

It is okay to be flexible with my sessions and fit them around my non running life. 

I really need to get to a running club to help push myself harder. 

I still don’t like hill running

I need to do more hill running. 

Saturday long runs can be really good and useful. 

I really enjoy exploring new routes on my long runs and finding new places. Great for the motivation. 


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