Autumn marathon – week 6

I have had quite a different week during this training week which has meant my body has been challenged slightly. I

Week six has been quite different to previous weeks. Firstly, I have not been cycling to work on the usual commute because my bike is a bit poorly. But as I’m leaving my school this summer it has been useful having the car to take stuff back home. Secondly, I finally went to my local running club! Also, this week we have had staff vs parents netball and football which has pushed my body in different ways. 

Not cycling has been a bit weird as the cycle is a nice way to loosen up my legs and freshen them up pre runs. But it has encouraged me to get out more due to the stiffness I would feel in my legs. It has been a shame that I have not got the extra  cross training in but it’s been a drop down week at the end of the 3 week cycle so it is a good week to do it. 

I got my fast finish run in on Monday and got some good splits for my final two miles which is always a nice motivator going forwards. 

On Tuesday I finally went along to my local running club which was a really positive experience. It was a really rainy day so was actually good motivation to get out with other people as it would have been slightly boring on my own. It turns out the rain put quite a few runners off as there was a group of about ten of us. The run was a 5 mile loop up and down some hills which showed me some new hills near my house that I will be using in the future. 

The Thursday saw us take on the parents in a netball match. I started centre as I love just running around and don’t like to be confined! As soon as it started I was like a rabbit in the headlights. Didn’t know where to go, who to follow and what I was doing. I realised that I have no change of direction anymore. Due to big teacher turnout I knew I wouldn’t play much so scheduled my hill run in. Tough as always but got it done !

Friday football vs parents followed and it was less agility intense so I fared slightly better. Ended up getting some sore early on set of blisters on the sole of my feet due to hard ground and boots I hadn’t worn for a year. 

Think I have managed to avoid too much damage though as I was able to get my long run done one Saturday which was a nice shorter 8 miles. Hoping if I look after it, I will be able to avoid time on the sidelines. 

From this point on I think my training is going into the peak phase which will see some tougher sessions come along. I have a few staff social events this week so I’m going to continue my flexibility with my organisation to cater for this. After this week I’m on school holidays so will be free to up the intensity and focus on the session. 

Things I will take away from this week:

I am not sport specific fit and need to avoid netball through my training 

I miss playing football and not being capable of my best (not that I’m outstanding btw)

Hills still hurt but they are working

I must consider how to deal with doms, which turn up every now and then, so that I recover better


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