Autumn marathon – week 7

This week took me to the end of the school year which meant there would be a number of social events to schedule my training around. I’m finding I can do this better now then I previously could but I still like my routine. Friday was our unofficial end of year party on the last day of term so I would have no time to run and Saturday would immediately be written off with a hangover before the week even started. I was proved correct about the hangover thanks to the cocktail happy hour!

The running stepped up slightly this week and my fast finish run went up to 15 minutes which was only a few more minutes. But I noticed it when running and had to keep pushing to maintain my pace. Afterwards my legs were quite tired and stiff which made it hard to get some sleep. This had a knock on effect on my Tuesday. 

I made a last minute decision to run to school as we had our official staff party in the evening so would not be able to run. It was such a slog. I felt stiff and just generally tired. I’m pretty sure I had a few little walk sections to it just to keep my breath and not to beat my body up too much! Still meant I could tick the miles off though. 

Thursday saw me spend a day at my new school which is right near Clifton Downs which is a big green space over looking the River Avon and Bristol’s suspension bridge. It is a lovely spot and I don’t get over there too much. Another positive for it is that it is all pretty level but surrounded by hills if you wanted to use them. This was why I was here today – for my hill run. As I started it turned out that o was dehydrated and the sun had properly come out. Before I got to the hill I had chosen I knew it was going to be a horribly hot and sweaty run. The intervals also increased to one minute. It was so much harder. I just had to keep telling myself that I am busting a gut for 8 minutes and then it is over. But the recovery sections didn’t exactly help as much as I hoped. When I got to the top for the last one I still had to jog up an incline to get back to my car but it was too much and I had to walk up it. My legs were shot. 

I am happy to push this hard because I need to make the most of these sessions because I believe this is where my gains come from. I didn’t maximise these sessions last training programme round so I’m working as much as I can to make the most of them. 

No long run this week because of my social life but I did a nice 45 minute recovery easy run this morning and made it to 5 miles. This sets me up nicely for my long run on Monday which should be 13 miles. By the end of the week I should be able to get back to my regular routine as I think I can get my long run in on Sunday. 

Things I will take away from this week:

I cannot drink as much as I used to

I can still go out and get drunk and prove the doubters wrong who think I will peak too early

Water is essential on a night out to help recovery for running the next day

It is important to have a social life

I can prioritise sessions so that I can do the best with my plan

I still have a long way to go to reach my goal pace


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