Month: November 2017

Time for reflection

After wanting a good break from all things training plan after my Bournemouth Marathon, I decided that I would not look back at my previous blog posts to reflect until I was ready to look forwards.

I feel that I have reached a point where I am ready to begin looking forwards and realigning my running goals. Therefore I thought the first thing I should do is to reflect on the key points I highlighted during each training week/blog post to take forwards into the future. Although at the time of writing each little list at the end of my posts, I know that they did not all get used. Hopefully by going through them, they will give me focus when I make my plan soon and if they help you out, then that is also great!

Here are the things that I should take into my future training.

  • I need to be prepared to listen to my body. If I’m ill, I should not be running and rest will help me long term.
  • If I am going away for a weekend, try to prioritise an early run so that the rest of the day can be enjoyed.
  • I need to do as much as I can to keep myself healthy such as eating fruit and veg, perhaps taking multivitamins too.
  • Do not eat a full English breakfast hours before doing a tough hill session.
  • Do not schedule runs for set nights and be more flexible so that the plan works for me.
  • I can push myself harder than I think I can if I keep training consistently.
  • Strava is such a cool community for running and cycling and I will share my thoughts more soon.
  • It is okay to be flexible with my sessions and fit them around my non running life. This should not make me feel guilty.
  • I really need to get to a running club regularly to push myself harder.
  • I still don’t like hill running but…
  • I need to do more hill running. Both sessions and including them in all run types.
  • Saturday long runs can be really good and useful but must still be flexible.
  • I really enjoy exploring new routes on my long runs and finding new places. This is great for my motivation and something I must do more of.
  • I am not sport specific fit and need to avoid netball!
  • I miss playing football. But I have made the commitment to running and would hate to pick up an injury by playing football.
  • Hills still hurt but they do work.
  • I must consider how to deal with DOMS to recover better. Perhaps regularly foam rolling.
  • Water is essential on a night out to help recovery for running the next day
  • It is important to have a social life during a training programme.
  • I can prioritise the faster specific sessions so that I can do the best with my plan.
  • Listen to your body and rest if you need to or take the run easier.
  • Being flexible is okay but having a routine can still be a good thing.
  • A Royal flush is a great way to make a run more exciting – make each consecutive mile faster than the previous
  • Massages are helpful at being proactive with regards to injuries.
  • I really enjoy exploring trails and finding new routes but I’m not sure if I’m ready to invest in trail shoes.
  • I need to keep working on my hips flexibility and strength and avoid putting it off.
  • A strength programme of some sort is really important and I must get this in my plan regularly.
  • My feet are wide and it makes it tricky to get new shoes. I also must get new shoes before my current ones are completely bust.
  • Cross training can have good benefits and I should do it more
  • Driving seems to make my legs tired
  • Chips for dinner the night before a long run is not really sensible
  • Running with a non running partner has the potential to be enjoyable but it is important to choose a good run
  • Travelling for a whole day can leave your legs restless
  • A long run on a Friday is weird but possible if I’m not working
  • I need to keep myself hydrated and start working out some better strategies for race day
  • I need to find opportunities to just run for the pleasure of running and not focusing on splits, speed and distance
  • I really need to learn to swim better so I can be more confident in the water and use it for cross training
  • I have not learnt that I really need to look after my calves and Achilles.
  • Prevention is better than treatment
  • Sometimes it is fun to run in the rain and not as bad as you might expect
  • Long runs on Sunday afternoon are weird
  • Cream tea is not a great pre run meal
  • Think long term and sacrifice a run for the long term training benefits as it could easily knock you off the consistent plan
  • Stop over worrying and letting maranoia take over. Reflect on why it is silly to think about
  • A slow run the day before the race felt good



Hitting the track

After the clocks changed and the evenings got dark so ridiculously early, I immediately lost motivation for running when I got home. Two weeks later and I still feel a bit like that, tired, peckish and just wanting to chill and be cosy. 

However, one aspect of my training that is helping to motivate me to do some hard running is my return to the local track for a weekly session. I made an attempt over a year ago to try and add it to my routine but it didn’t really stick and I only made two visits. This time though I think it will be different. I have been on the last two Thursday’s and found the sessions to be hard and tough but achievable. I also do not think I would have pushed myself consistently hard like I have done at the track. It has also been good to have other people in the group with you, not just to keep up with but for a small chat to break up the session on the short rest sections. 

With my marathon not until early April I am just keen to keep my training fairly relaxed and enjoyable. I have done a few evening runs but I am okay if I miss an opportunity to run after work. Especially with the track session. 

I have also done a couple of park runs recently to add a bit more enjoyment to the weekly training. The first one I ran with a friend for their first ever park run which was really enjoyable just chatting as we ran but also being able to push down the hill. Then the following week I sandwiched parkrun in between a 3 mile jog to and from the venue. I was surprisingly still able to get a decent time which was a shock because my legs felt really tired. 

Hoping to try and get to the track a couple of times a week in the build up to my training plan starting and keeping one visit a week during the plan. Not going to think about marathon until the end of November though. Now is the time to enjoy running.