About me

Hi, I’m Tom, an enthusiastic and improving runner mostly found plodding around Bristol but I will always get my trainers (and my foam roller) into the car whenever I go anywhere.

My aims with my running are to be the best I can be and aim to achieve personal bests in the events I run. I am definitely not the fastest runner but have ambitions to go quicker as I am sure many runners do. This is why this blog is ‘The Personal Best Quest’. Runners choose to run for different reasons but I definitely fall into the category of someone who is competitive with themselves, never happy and always wanting more. To help me keep moving forwards I was searching the internet to find out how other people went about improving their times and only managed to find a few blogs that I could relate to because everyone runs at different levels and for different reasons. It was because of how useful I found these that I thought I would share my running experiences with the running community in case it was beneficial to other runners.

I did my first marathon in 2015 at London Marathon and was immediately hooked. The training didn’t go as smoothly as planned but the race day was absolutely brilliant and the reason that I love the event so much. The following year, after missing out on the London ballot, I went up to run in Edinburgh at their marathon. After succumbing to injury in the build up to this, I decided I was fed up with getting injured. My issues all seem to result from small niggles which potentially come from my fundamental running technique which is even more frustrating.

Following  a half marathon in the lead up to Edinburgh (where I somehow got a PB) my knee declared itself as very unhappy and so I made a trip for a sports massage, in the hope they could push it away, only to be told about IT Band Friction Syndrome. Now I have heard of the IT Band being a pain for runners, hence my affections for my foam roller but this was a new one for me.

After refocusing my training to make sure I could have a better build up to a marathon, I then signed up for 2 races in 2017. I completed Southampton Marathon in April with a pretty good build up and then followed this up later in the year at Bournemouth Marathon where I have earned my current PB of 3h15.38. This was pleasing but also frustrating as I know I can go faster. I have now had some time out of a training plan and refocused my ambitions. I am striving to go Sub-3 hours!. This is the first time I have really shared that goal so vocally but I feel if I put it out there, it will motivate me more.

The aim of this blog is to share an honest account of the experiences I encounter as I go towards hopefully achieving this goal. I will also share any information that I have found useful so that it could help you out with your training.

I would love to hear any words of wisdom you have for me that you think would contribute to me reaching my sub-3 goals.

Training stretch

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