Hi, I’m Tom, an enthusiastic and improving runner mostly found plodding around Bristol but I will always get my trainers (and my foam roller) into the car whenever I go anywhere.

Working as a primary school teacher means I have some perks that help my training such as the school holidays but otherwise I have to be clever with finding time to fit in sessions during the week.

Do a lot of my running solo but feel it could be time to find myself a club to push me on so watch this space. Determined to overcome some pesky injuries and get down to improving my personal bests.

Training stretch

Why I am blogging?

After succumbing to injury in the build up to a marathon for the second consecutive year I have decided I am fed up with it. My issues all seem to result from small niggles which potentially come from my fundamental running technique which is even more frustrating.

For the build up to Edinburgh this year I decided to be proactive and not go flying into 20 milers too soon but it turns out that I did not do this enough as lo and behold; I have picked up another injury.

Following  a half marathon (where I somehow got a PB) my knee declared itself as very unhappy and so I made a trip for a sports massage, in the hope they could push it away, only to be told about IT Band Friction Syndrome. Now I have heard of the IT Band being a pain for runners, hence my affections for my foam roller but this was a new one for me.

Weeks of intense twitter and internet searches followed as I explored a number of blogs, sites and twitter feeds in the hope of shining light on my situation. During my time ploughing the internet I found myself inside a running community …and I liked it! So, with this and the results of my googling (which revealed no magic solution) I decided that I would refocus my ambitions and get myself involved in this wonderful running community. I hope that this blog will help keep me focused, stop me talking about running so much to many uninterested parties and also be a platform for sharing ideas, thoughts and experiences with others.

My focus going forward is that my approach to my training will be stripped back to ensure I nail the fundamentals of running so that my technique will allow me to run better, harder, faster, longer and more often. I hope that this current niggle (trying to play it down as much as possible) will be dealt with in time for my summer holidays so I can really crack on with my personal best quest.