bristol 10k

Bristol 10k: The race

Two weeks after completing the marathon and after not doing too much running, I made my way to the start line ready to take on the Bristol 10k. 

I was heading into it not really knowing how to approach it. Should I go and enjoy plodding round or should I try to continue my personal best quest. 

I had done some calculations in my head regards the possible pacing. I knew that my training would put me in a position for a PB bit tired legs would put me off the sub 40 I would like to get. 

Still, in classic form, when the time came to get going I went off chasing the PB. I tried to find a rhythm that I could manage with my breathing that was of a good pace. To help with this I saw a couple of runners moving through the crowds at a pace that was what I wanted to hit. So following them I made my way through the other runners knowing that if I lost them I would fall off the pace completely. 

I’m pretty sure I went through 3K in a really fast 12 minutes and then continued to 5k in just over 20 minutes. However, it was at 5k that I really began to suffer. I had taken a sip of water and it really didn’t agree with my belly but I tried to keep going. At 6k, after a few minutes fighting with my central governor I had to stop for a moment feeling like I needed to be sick. I then ploughed on for another KM but it still wasn’t great so I stopped and almost tried to encourage vomit but it didn’t happen. 

The last couple of KM were tough but I managed to keep the legs going and along with a couple of brief stops, I approached the finish. I couldn’t muster a sprint finish and as I hit the finish line I stopped for what is become a now regular custom of squatting down to catch my breath. 

I had finished in 41:56 with a new PB!

As I walked away I even got myself on their video footage looking horrific. 

Still, I got my PB and without really training for it or pacing it well. It is definitely not my favourite event but think I will try again before the year is out, post marathon as I want to get sub 40!