Pilates for runners

There is always talk about runners benefiting from pilates or yoga and I have been keen to go to a proper session for these for a while now.

I have been doing yoga at home using a DVD which I think has helped although progress with it is slow and I should use it more consistently. However, I think there are much more benefits from going to an actual class.

My gym do not have many pilates options that I can make as they tend to be during the day so I am making the most of the holidays to get along to some.

On Tuesday, I visited the beginners class. Meeting the instructor at the door I was very impressed and her friendly chat made me comfortable about being in the class. She was even happy to briefly discuss my injury and I appreciated her interest in me. Sometimes I go to these classes and feel a bit like an outsider but not today.

The class went through some basic movements and it was all about the core but the exercises were focused on quality rather than quantity. This was a bit weird to get my head round but made sense after a while because it is important that everything works effectively together.Training stretch

After this I looked for other pilates slots in the timetable and got booked onto another one on Friday – this time it was an improvers class. Probably not suitable for me after my one session I thought, but i’m a quick learner and was keen to do more pilates so I went for it. The instructor seemed a bit annoyed that I was in her improver class rather than the beginners class but I think I won her over in the end.

This was quite a good challenge as there was a few more bits of equipment involved and she was going at her normal (improvers group) pace which meant I had to really focus to pick things up. With my yoga DVD I think this is what bores me after a while because I know what is coming next.

I will definitely be looking to get into either of these classes again, but maybe not the advanced one just yet! If you have not tried it before then I would recommend you make a visit to a session at least once before you write it off.

Have you done pilates to help your running? How often do you think this should be done in a training week? Do you have a preference for yoga or pilates?