Training Diary

So that you can all check out what I am doing to achieve my goals, I will keep an update of my weekly sessions. It may get to a point where I share the plan and also what I actually do. There will definitely be times when these are different. I hope that you find this interesting and will learn something from my experiences that will help you with your training, even if it is what mistakes not to make.

Week 8

A decent weeks training even though my shins and Achilles were rather tight. Managed to run through most of the pain and it tended to ease off after a bit of running. 

My plan matched up with Thursday’s track session this week so I went along and it went well even though it was proper windy. My foot was proper slappy and just didn’t seem to run smoothly but not sure why. I think it was something to do with running top speed and the right legs. 

The long run was really tough this week as it was basically a 20 mile interval run phrased as a speedplay session. The quarter miles fast were tough and couldn’t match the speeds each time as the fatigue set in. Hoping that the endurance benefits will show up on steadier long runs. 

Week 7

A lower mileage week this week that I kickstarted with a massage. Really got dug into my shins which really were sore and probably affected by my tight calves and Achilles. Few steady sessions including another round on the hills. Really tough on the hills and my HR does not go up into the high zone immediately so I run on effort and basically just pushed as hard as I could to get to the top. 

With a friends birthday back in Kent I got the long run done on the Saturday and it’s quite a nice feeling knowing that 13 does not seem to big of a run at the moment. 

Week 6

A pretty solid weeks training with the normal sessions. Finished it off with a solid 20 miles on the Saturday. Got tough towards the end but had held at 8 miles and 15 miles which went down just about okay. 

Followed the run with a trip to Kent for a friends birthday which meant a bit of driving. I managed about 2 and a half hours before having to swap roles. Legs just seem to go numb and and really uncomfortable. By the time I got home the next day, I was just in no state to run again. 

Week 5

Started the lower eased off week with a massage to help freshen the legs up as part of my plan to try and get regular massages. Nothing to bad to focus on this time round which is good. Still target similar areas though such as my calf quads and hips. Worked out well with the timing because of the half marathon race the day before. 

Week 4

Started this week off with a massage because of the big mileage the previous week. It was also the third week of the 3 week cycle which sees me build up for 2 and drop down for the third. So thought it made sense to try and squeeze one in. 

Got a fast finish run in after work in the cold weather and managed to hit 6:30 pace which I was really pleased with but think there is room for more

Went along to the track on Thursday thinking it would be easier to run in the colder weather there but the track was so Ivey that running on it was a bit of a joke. Spent each interval trying to not fall over or jerk my legs and my group ended up running like a train on the inside concrete curb as it was the only way to get grip. Imagine it would be okay for spikes but I don’t have them. 

Ended the week with my long run being done in a race. The Gloucester Half Marathon. Somehow managed to get a half PB which I will talk about in a blog post. 

Week 3


On New Years Day I had a foundation run to get done and after a bit of a lay in I got it done. Went for 45 minutes covering 5.3 miles. 


Had to get up early to commute to work ahead of the traffic and squeeze a session in before I had to start. Luckily it was an inset so had a bit more time and got my fast finish session in with the fast finish pace hitting 6:40pace. 


Another foundation run after work which was another 45 minutes and 5.7 miles this time. 


Down in the plan as a double run day but I wanted to get back to the track so I decided against that. This was also because my Achilles were slightly tight. The session was 12 X 400 m with my pace for each of these between 73 and 76 seconds. Ended up covering 6.4 miles. 


Was pretty tired when I got home so decided against running and had a little stretch session. Bit of a token effort to be honest. 


Double run day and after not running Friday I decided I would do both. Felt weird doing this on a Saturday. Started with a 48 minute recovery slow run as normal but the second was a foundation run for just under 30 minutes. I then proceeded to eat a big pasta dinner. 


Long run day with 16 miles on the plan. Was not sure how the legs would feel after Saturday’s double but they did me proud. Decided to run on feel rather than tracking miles on my watch. Partly because my hands were so cold. I managed to feel okay and averaged 7:30min mile pace. Achilles not felt too bad either which is good and I’m really pleased to break 50 miles for the week and hope it doesn’t break me next week. 

Week 2

Week 1